Everyone knows that winter is time for a great family ski vacation; but should you still hit the slopes if you’re single? The answer is a resounding yes – what better way to meet the love of your life than waiting on one of the singles’lifts at a premier resort like Whistler Blackcomb. Picture yourself gathered around talking and sharing stories about another day on the mountains. Add some food, music and drinks, and you have yourself the perfect way to meet other singles; you may even find that one special person you want to share a lift with for the rest of your life.

Here are 5 reasons to find love on the ski hill:

1. Common interests: If you’re both at a ski resort, then it’s obvious that you already have something in common, right? Right from the start, you know you have common interests like skiing, snowboarding, adventure, fun, and travel.Strike up a conversation while waiting on a lift, or inside the resort while you’re both sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire in the main lobby, (or a glass of wine!)

2. Great atmosphere: Many people get tired of singles’ bars and are eager to meet people in different environments. A ski resort is a great place to meet other singles because the atmosphere is more relaxed and music isn’t blaring in your ear. There is just something romantic about meeting someone surrounded by a nice warm fire. It can be just as romantic riding a lift together to the top of a mountain!

3. The perfect date: Both of skiing and snowboarding, a date at a posh resort makes for a perfect date. Just add some personality and conversation! While first dates can be daunting and awkward, when the two of you are already in an environment that you’re both comfortable in, you will be more relaxed and more able to enjoy each other’s company.

4. Future family excursions: When you find your true love on a ski hill, you can be assured that future travel plans will include at least one ski vacation a year. If you are worrying about costs, you shouldn’t. Check out Whistler Blackcomb hotels for the cheapest and best hotel deals. The love of your life will always be up for a weekend getaway to your favorite resort with kids in tow! Your partner won’t let the mundane tasks of everyday life get them down, because they know adventure is always around the corner!read latest news at http://www.insidebelleville.com/community-story/5456559-accessible-skiing-program-lets-youths-glide-down-the-hills/

5. Financial Independence: When you meet someone at a ski resort, you can be pretty sure that they can afford to pay their own way on whatever subsequent dates you go on. While it’s nice to spring for a movie or two, having them completely rely on you can put a strain on a relationship pretty quickly.

Find Love on the Ski Hill

Finding love on a ski hill isn’t a complicated process. It can happen naturally, even when you’re not expecting it. Remember to be yourself (don’t pretend to be an expert on skis if you’re not) and don’t fall for that fake cast trick (some people actually still do that!) Have fun, enjoy the view of the mountains ski resorts and if you’re lucky, you’ll find your special someone.

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